22 août 2016

Tesla Model S battery pack data shows very little capacity loss over high mileage

‘Lithium’ battery capacity degradation is one of the main concerns of electric vehicle buyers and potential buyers. Since the resurgence of electric cars is relatively recent, meaningful long-term data on large battery packs is fairly rare. Only Tesla has battery packs with a capacity higher than 30 kWh on the road in any significant number and they only have been in operation for a few years (Roadster aside). But a few Tesla owners have accumulated impressive mileage on their vehicles and the data provides an interesting... [Lire la suite]

05 avril 2016

How Soon Can Tesla Get Battery Cell Costs Below $100 per Kilowatt-Hour?

credit photo Tesla Where does the lithium-ion battery industry -- and most notably, Tesla/Panasonic -- stand today on battery costs? Solar veterans will recall a time not so long ago when the industry's biggest dream was a PV module with a cost of 99 cents per watt. Obviously, the solar industry has long left that figure in the dust -- module costs of 40 cents per watt are a reality in today's market. In fact, the 99-cent figure was more a VC-funding, press-ready construct than a real economic calculation. Ben Kallo at equity... [Lire la suite]
03 mai 2015

Could the new Tesla battery transform the "energy infrastructure"?

  Elon Musk / Credit Photo Reuters Rebecca Cooks According to Elon Musk, founder and boss, Tesla was never a simple EV manufacturer But a technology company whose mission is to innovate in the field of energy. Thursday, April 30th, he made a new step in this direction, with the presentation Tesla Energy, a range of so-called stationary batteries designed to homes, businesses and energy producers. Mr. Musk does not only want to accelerate the energy transition. He dreamed of a planet where all the energy consumed ... [Lire la suite]