25 septembre 2015

Electric Car Market Share & Financial Incentives — Country Comparison

Incentives are an interesting thing. Sometimes, the ones you think will work the best don’t work too well. Sometimes, ones you don’t think will have as much effect end up having a huge effect. Sometimes, incentives work great with one population but don’t work so well with another population. Electric car incentives are so varied by country and within countries that it’s hard to compare the results, but data from a couple of recent surveys provide some very interesting results   Read... [Lire la suite]

25 juillet 2015

Apple Electric iCar Is Coming: Tim Cook Hires Chrysler Executive Doug Betts.

    We have another confirmation that Apple is very serious about its Titan project and electric iCar is in the making. This announcement will change the EVs market overnight. You can find my investigation on this rumour mill below on the links. Now London's City is paying attention and Lithium plays will be back on the radar screens - security of supply is the name of the game here. Our International Lithium is developing supply chain for this rEVolution with its strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium. Lithium Race:... [Lire la suite]
12 décembre 2014

Chevy EN-V 2.0 To Be Used In EV-Sharing Program

Shanghai Jiao Tong University and General Motors China have started a collaboration and joined in a quest for sustainable urban mobility. Shanghai Jiao Tong University hopes this project will result in a model that will be used to widely integrate small electric vehicles (EVs) with the transportation network. The coming program plans on strengthening the structure of urban environments with EV-sharing programs. General Motors China has committed to initiating and integrating such an EV-sharing program... [Lire la suite]
17 octobre 2014

China Electric Car Flying

Electric car sales in China were quite lame last year, but things have really been picking up this year, and September just set a new record that even compares with US electric car sales, which are routinely the highest in the world. Nonetheless, there’s still a long way to go, as electric cars’ share of the overall automobile market in China was just 0.33%. That’s about 4 times more than the 0.08% it was last September, but it’s still a tiny portion of the market. Les ventes de voitures électriques en Chine étaient assez calme... [Lire la suite]
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