10 octobre 2014

Smart, ecofriendly new battery to solve environmental problems

Present-day lithium batteries are efficient but involve a range of resource and environmental problems. Using materials from alfalfa (lucerne seed) and pine resin and a clever recycling strategy, Uppsala researchers have now come up with a highly interesting alternative. Their study will be presented soon in the scientific journal ChemSusChem. 'We think our discovery can open several doors to more environment-friendly, energy-efficient solutions for the batteries of the future,' says Daniel Brandell, Senior Lecturer at the Department... [Lire la suite]

27 septembre 2014

Welcome WattStorage !

The competitivness cluster Mov'eo is proud to announce the newly signed SMEs groupment on the Energy Storage area ! Find out more on this blog soon !
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22 septembre 2014

Energy Storage for the Grid is expected to reach $15.6 Billion in annual Revenue by 2024

“The grid-scale energy storage market continues to develop in a piecemeal fashion, but there are signals that it is poised for significant expansion in the coming years,” says Anissa Dehamna, senior research analyst with Navigant Research.  “In particular, after several years of faltering growth, lithium ion batteries are emerging as the breakout technology in this sector.” Still, the market challenges are significant for energy storage to be deployed widely on the grid.  The industry needs more systems integrators and... [Lire la suite]
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19 septembre 2014

4 Things You Should Know About Energy Storage

We don’t fawn over battery technology like we do over shiny gadgets and smart apps, but know this: it’s set to play an important role in our attempt to use more low-carbon energy like solar and wind. Batteries and other energy storage equipment make it possible to store solar and wind electricity and use it whenever it’s needed, not just when it’s produced. That ability will help utilities to manage their power supply and demand. More interestingly, it will help businesses and homeowners to do the same as a growing number of them... [Lire la suite]