The White House, Washington, D.C. [Creative Commons license by dcjohn]credit photo cjohn

The Obama Administration will make at least one more push to promote electric cars as it enters its final two months.

The White House will hold its first-ever "Electric Vehicle Datathon" tomorrow, with the goal of devising ways to use data to increase electric-car adoption.

Held in concert with the Department of Energy and four of its national laboratories, the event will bring electric-car stakeholders together with representatives from the "software-development and data-analysis communities," according to the White House.

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Charging-network operators, automakers, and city and state governments will also be represented at the "datathon," according to a White House blog post.

Participants will "review currently available data, identify opportunities for improvement, and discuss new data sets and approaches that can enable EVs going forward," the blog post said.

"Topics of conversation" will include what new data sets relevant to electric cars may emerge in the near future, what data local planners need to promote electric-car adoption, and what new information could be revealed by "mashing up" existing data.*

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